Ajnabiya (Arabic) foreigner (fem.)
Al Jazeera Arabic television network based in Qatar
Alafia (Arabic) form of “Ya tik alaafia”, God give you health, said to one who is working.
Aleikum Salaam (Arabic) Peace to you all (said in greeting)
Allah maakum (Arabic) God be with you all (said in parting)
Allah yirhamha (Arabic) God’s mercy on her (said when a woman has died)
Allah ysalmak (ysalmik fem.) (Arabic) response to “Hamdililah asalaam
Allo (Heb., Ar.) Hello
Ana maak (Arabic) I am with you (m.)
Ana mush kanghara (Arabic) I’m not a kangaroo
Anachnu (Hebrew) We
Anglit (Hebrew) English
Aravim Hachutzah (Hebrew) Arabs get out!
Artzot Habrit (Hebrew) United States
Asfi (Arabic) I’m sorry
At (Hebrew) you (fem.)
At makirah otam (Hebrew) Do you know them?
At po? (Hebrew) Are you here? (fem.)
At yeshenah? (Hebrew) Are you sleeping? (fem.)
Atah kevar yodea et zeh. (Hebrew) You already know this.
Atah tamut hayom. (Hebrew) You are going to die today.
Atini shantatik (Arabic) Give me your handbag.
Atzri (Hebrew) Stop! (to a woman)
Ayfo (Hebrew) where
Ba’id (Arabic) far
Babayit (Hebrew) at home; in the house
Bachutz (Hebrew) outside
Baladiya (Arabic) City Hall
Banot (Hebrew) girls
Baregel (Hebrew) on foot
Barra (Arabic) outside
Beemet (Hebrew) Really; it’s the truth
Beit hawwiya (Arabic) ID card container
Belagan (Hebrew) mess
Boi (Hebrew) Come (to a woman)
Boker Tov (Hebrew) Good morning
Bseder (Hebrew) Okay; fine
Btihki Arabi (Arabic) Do you speak Arabic?
Btselem Israeli human rights organization
Caffe shachor (Hebrew) black coffee
Chaverim (Hebrew) friends
Chayalim (Hebrew) soldiers
Chiif halach (Arabic) How are you? (rural form of Kiif halak)
Da (Russian) Yes
Debka Palestinian dance
Deir balik a la halik (Arabic) Be careful on the road.
Deir balik, fi jesh honak. (Arabic) Be careful, the Army is there.
Deportatsia (Hebrew) Deportation
Doorna (Arabic) Our role
Efshar l’kanes (Hebrew) May I come in?
Eid (Arabic) Holiday
Ein b’ayah/Ein b’ayot? (Hebrew) No problem/There are no problems?
Eser dakot (Hebrew) Ten minutes
Etzim (Hebrew) trees
Falastinait (Hebrew) Palestinian (fem.)
Fii (Arabic) There is …
Fok (Arabic) up; upstairs
Haamerikayit (Hebrew) the American
Haaretz an Israeli newspaper
Habibi/Habibti (Arabic) My dear
Hachaverah shel … (Hebrew) the friend of …
Hadjes (Arabic) Roadblock
Hai mushkele kbiire. (Arabic) This is a big problem.
Haj/haji (Arabic) Term of respect for an elder; or, one who has made pilgrimage to Mecca.
Hakol bseder? (Hebrew) Is everything all right?
Hamdilila assalam (Arabic) Good wish for a person who has returned from a journey, recovered from an illness, or been released from prison (resp.: “alla ysalmak/ysalmik”)
Hamdililah (Arabic) Thank God (response to “Kiif halak?”)
Hamel (Arabic) Pregnant (literally, carrying)
Haram (Arabic) Shame
Hawiyya (Arabic) ID card
He (Hebrew) She
Hijab Headscarf worn by many Muslim women
Hinei Hu (Hebrew)  Here he is.
Hitnachlut (Hebrew) colony; settlement
Hon (Arabic) Here
Hu lo po. (Hebrew) He is not here.
Huwwa hon. (Arabic) He is here.
Il banat ajau. (Arabic) The girls have arrived.
Imi (Arabic) My mother
Imi fi Matbach (Arabic) My mother is in the kitchen.
Inglizi (Arabic) English
Inshalla (Arabic) God willing; hopefully.
Inta qawi. (Arabic) You are strong.
Irhabi (Arabic) terrorist
Jamiya Ish-Shabia Falastiniya Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (Palestinian political party)
Jamiya Ittadamon Idawliya fi Falastin International Organization in Solidarity with Palestine (fictional group)
Jasoosia (Arabic) Traitor (fem.)
Jesh (Arabic) Army
Jesh bifattash ala Fareed. (Arabic) The army is looking for Fareed.
Jilbab Traditional long coat worn by many Palestinian women.
Kadima (Hebrew) Let’s go; come on
Ken (Hebrew) Yes
Ketubah Jewish marriage contract
Khaife min jesh (Arabic) I’m afraid of the Army.
Khalas (Arabic) Enough; stop
Khara (Arabic) Shit
Kiif halik/halak (Arabic) How are you?
Kippa Headcovering worn by Jewish men (Yiddish yamulke)
Kol hakavod (Hebrew) Good for you.
Kul ishi tamam hon? (Arabic) Is everything okay here?
Kum (Hebrew) Get up
L’an (Hebrew) Where to?
L’hitraot (Hebrew) See you later.
Laa (Arabic) No
Labneh (Arabic) Cheese made from yogurt
Lo (Hebrew) No
Lo po (Hebrew) Not here
Maalesh (Arabic) Never mind
Maayfo atem (Hebrew) Where are you all from?
Mafraq (Arabic) Crossroads
Mah (Hebrew) What
Mah At Rotzah (Hebrew) What do you want? (fem.)
Mah He Omeret (Hebrew) What is she saying?
Mah Karah? (Hebrew) What happened?
Mah Koreh (Hebrew) What’s going on?
Mah Zeh? (Hebrew) What is this?
Majnoon (Arabic) Crazy
Makluube A Palestinian dish made from rice, vegetables, nuts and normally chicken
Marhaba Arabic greeting
Marhabteen Arabic greeting in response to Marhaba
Masa il warad (Arabic) Evening of flowers (possible response to “masa il-kheir”)
Masa il-kheir (Arabic) Good evening (literally “evening of joy”)
Matai (Hebrew) When?
Mawjood (Arabic) present; here
Me (Hebrew) Who?
Mi zot (Hebrew) Who is this? (fem.)
Miin inti (Arabic) Who are you?
Miit shekel (Arabic) One hundred shekels (shekel = Israeli currency, also used in the Occupied Territories)
Min Azzawiya, inta (Arabic) You are from Azzawiya?
Mishehu rotzeh hachutza (Hebrew) Does anyone want to go outside?
Mishmar Hagvul (Hebrew) Border police
Mishtara (Hebrew) Police
Mitnachlim (Hebrew) Settlers; colonists
Molochia Egyptian spinach, usually used to make a creamy soup
Muhabarat (Arabic) Secret police (normally referring to Palestinian secret police)
Mujadara  Palestinian dish made from lentils and rice
Mumkin (Arabic) Possible; perhaps
Mush khaif (Arabic) Don’t be afraid
Mush mawjood (Arabic) Not here
Mush shuulik (Arabic) Not your business
Mush tawbaane (Arabic) Not tired
Mustahil (Arabic) Impossible
Njarrab bil Arabi (Arabic) We’ll try to speak Arabic.
Nos hilwe (Arabic) Half sweet, in ref. to coffee
Nsiyah tovah (Hebrew) Have a good trip.
Pelephone (Hebrew) Mobile phone
Politsia (Russian) Police
Qaddesh (Arabic) How much?
Ruhi (Arabic) Go (fem. Command)
Sabah al-kheir, ya Banat (Arabic) Good morning, girls (literally, “morning of joy”)
Sabah an-noor (Arabic) Morning of light (response to sabah al-kheir)
Salaam aleikum (Arabic) Peace be until you (Arabic greeting)
Sayara (Arabic) car
Schwei (Arabic) A little
Sea (Arabic) One hour
Sea w nos (Arabic) An hour and a half
Seateen (Arabic) Two hours
Shabab (Arabic) Young men
Shalom (Hebrew) Hello; peace
Sheesha Flavored tobacco; also knows as argila (Heb. nargila)
Sherut (Hebrew) Shared taxi
Shetach sagur (Hebrew) Closed zone
Shnia (Hebrew) Second
Shorta (Arabic) police
Shu (Arabic) What
Shu biddo (Arabic) What does he want?
Shu bisir?” (Arabic) What is happening?
Shu sar (Arabic) What happened?
Shuftha fi tariq. (Arabic) I saw her on the road.
Shukran (Arabic) Thank you
Sinit (Hebrew) Chinese
Skol A Russian toast
Sopi shai (Arabic) Pour the tea.
Taboun (Arabic) clay oven built into the earth for baking bread
Taht (Arabic) down; downstairs
Tamam (Arabic) Okay
Tanach A Jewish religious book comprising the Torah, Prophets and Writings
Tawjihi Exams taken by Palestinian youth after high school; a full year of study is required and college acceptance is based on it
Tayeret (Hebrew) Tourist
Teudot (Hebrew) Identification
Tfaddali (Arabic) Welcome; please join us
Tishvi (Hebrew) Sit down (to a woman)
Todah (Hebrew) Thank you
Todah Rabah (Hebrew) Thank you very much
Tov (Hebrew) Good
Tsilum (Hebrew) Copy
Ulpan An Israeli school for intensive Hebrew instruction
Ulpena An Israeli religious girls’ high school
Um aysh (Arabic) Mother of whom? (a way of asking a woman how she wants to be addressed)
Usquti (Arabic) Shut up
w ideek (Arabic) response to “yslamu ideek”
Wahad (Arabic) someone
Walla kilme (Arabic) Not a word
Walla wahad (Arabic) No one
Weyn rayha (Arabic) Where are you going? (fem.)
Ya (Arabic) A contraction having no meaning, often used for emphasis, as in “Ya, Haram” or an indication of friendship, as in “Ya shabab”
Ya Tik Alaafia (Arabic) God grant you health, said to one who is working (response: alla ya fik)
Yahud/Yahudia (Arabic) Jews/Jew (fem) (usually meaning Israeli)
Yalla (Arabic) Let’s go; come on
Yesh (Hebrew) There is
Yesh Gvul Israeli war resisters’ organization (There Is a Limit)
Yesh la (Hebrew) She has
Yishuv (Hebrew) Settlement; community
Yslamu Ideek (Arabic) Bless your hands (said to someone who serves you something)
Zaatar Wild thyme grown in Palestine, usually dried with sesame seeds
Zaki (Arabic) Delicious
Zeh (Hebrew) This
Zonah (Hebrew) Whore
Zuruf (Arabic) Circumstances
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