A map of the West Bank

Map showing Rania's house and other key locations

This map was modified from the closure map of the Salfit District.  The closure maps, showing the hundreds of roadblocks, checkpoints, walls, gates and other obstacles to Palestinian freedom of movement, are published quarterly by the United Nations Office of Humanitarian Affairs

These maps show the dispossession of Palestinian land since 1947

Many people think that the “Israeli-Palestinian conflict” is very complicated, an age-old conflict of civilizations and religions.  But these maps show that it’s very simple.  In 1947, Palestinian Arabs (some of whom were Jews) owned 94% of the land in the pictured area, and it was all Palestine.  They didn’t sell the land or relinquish claim to it, but through invasion, massacres, occupation and confiscation, the State of Israel has annexed more than 77% of historic Palestine.  All the Palestinians want is justice, and the right to live peacefully in their own land.

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